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Manuals and PowerPoints by Topic

Our Manuals and PowerPoints have been a huge hit, and we’ve received numerous requests to add more topics. Click here to preview the new area (for obvious reasons, only the first topic is available in the preview mode.)

In conjunction with our sister company, Our InfoBoard, we have developed a manual that shows schools or employers how to set up a communication station for students or employees at almost no cost. Instead of selling that product separately, we decided to include the manual in our Manuals and Powerpoints! Get your own InfoBoard started right away!



Private Subscriber Website Link

In order to protect our private subscriber website against unauthorized use, have added a password to our private site as a security measure. Each year the password will be sent to you along with your renewal and will also appear in each new handbook. The current password will always work until December 31 of the current year, which is the renewal deadline for that year.

Please email us if you have ideas, as all suggestions will be considered and many are incorporated each year. If it helps your budgeting or purchasing process for you to renew early, you may do so at any time. We will rush you the new handbook as soon as we receive your order form with a valid Purchase Order, Credit Card or check. If you wish to renew but receive the handbook later, simply indicate that on the form. We will not invoice until we’ve provided the handbook.


Build Your Own Handbook Appendix

You may add your own pages to the back of the handbook!  For example, schools can add their own forms and/or some of their favorite checklists, calendars and worksheets from our private subscriber site.  Download and add them to the back of the handbook prior to reproducing it. In essence, you may customize the appendix as you wish.

Schools or Employers – Send us Your Logo

Do you have a high quality color or black & white electronic version of your logo – such as a .jpg or .gif file – that can be emailed?  If you email your .jpg logo to us at, we will save it for use on your handbook cover each year when we send it to you. The logo gives the handbook a really nice, professional and personalized look. There is no extra charge for this logo service. Send yours any time – just indicate the school or company name in the email.