Your high school counseling department provides you with guidance and resources as you prepare for college admission. Be sure to attend all related meetings, and stay on top of the procedures and deadlines that are specific to your school.

However, sometimes the amount of one-on-one attention that overworked, overstretched guidance departments can offer is not enough to keep you on track. If you can afford independent college admissions counselors that offer services outside of your school, that may be an option. But independent counseling can run into the thousands of dollars, and is not affordable for everyone. That’s where Get in 2 College comes in.

For fifteen years, Get in 2 College has been filling the gap between high school guidance departments and independent college counselors. Our products were developed as a result of our own experience with college admissions, and the realization that much of the counseling we paid thousands of dollars for was actually quite general. We have captured that information and much more, and we update it throughout the year in order to bring you the next best thing to private counseling…for a fraction of the cost.

There are now several ways that you can bring the Get in 2 College materials to your family in order to help with your college admission process. First, encourage your school to subscribe. Direct your guidance or college and career office staff to our website and have them click on the High Schools button. If they subscribe, you will receive all our materials at no cost to you. (Note that there is a button for Districts, which offers schools even deeper discounts.) But if your school is unable to subscribe for whatever reason, you may now purchase our materials independently for a one-time low cost.

(** Special limited time offer – all inclusive package for $179 **) This includes our handbook (updated annually during the summer/fall), NEW downloadable college admission and application organizer, and access to both of our private web portals. There you will find numerous helpful links, and also our own checklists and worksheets that will help you prepare for college admissions all throughout high school – the earlier you start the better!

Simply order using the button below, and pay by check or PayPal.