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The Adobe .pdf of the handbook has been enhanced with bookmarks and active links. This means that, when you post it on your website, you can click on sections of the Table of Contents and it will jump you to that place in the handbook. The web links throughout the handbook are also activated, so be sure to talk to your technical department about posting the .pdf version on your school’s website. Each year, just replace it with the new version. There are also mini-manuals and powerpoints!

Dear College & Career Department,

The challenge of getting our kids into the colleges of their choice is increasingly daunting.
More kids are applying to more schools – allowing colleges and universities to raise their requirements and turn away highly qualified students in record numbers. Recent high school classes have been among the largest in our nation’s history. You are expected to do more to help them, but with fewer resources than ever before.Every year you compile materials to distribute, knowing that your time would be better spent face to face with students. Finally – it can be.

We have the materials and sources you’ve always wanted for your students, at a price your school can afford. We subscribe to numerous counselor resources and obtain the most current data available.We constantly update our products and website. Our counselors have put together a comprehensive college admission handbook that addresses every aspect of the college application process in language that students and parents can understand. It contains over 60 trusted web links that offer your students research sources and information, and state-specific pages about your state’s university system(s) as applicable.It is updated all year long, and a new edition is published annually each August.In addition, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive college admission resource website available anywhere on the internet.

Our products are already in use at high schools in more than 45 states throughout the country!

MiniManuals and Powerpoints by Topic (optional add-on for $119 per Year)

We have an exciting optional add-on to your subscription. It consists of numerous topics (20 or more at any time), most of which have both a manual (in Adobe .pdf) and PowerPoint presentation. You, your students and/or parents may download and use any of them on demand. They will be enhanced and expanded each year. Click here to preview the new area (for obvious reasons, you can only view the first topic as a sample and the preview is not kept current. The actual versions are updated each summer.)

Your regular annual subscription includes all of the following:

  • Copyright permission to reproduce handbook copies for your current Sophomore or Junior students. (you determine which class the materials are most appropriate for, depending on your school’s particular college admission prep plan)
  • Copyright permission to place the handbook on your website (Adobe .pdf format – your school website administrator will know how to do this)
  • Copyright permission to edit the handbook cover to optionally include your school name and/or logo as you wish.
  • Copyright permission to add your own school-specific pages to the appendix.
  • Copyright permission to add advertising pages in the back, selling ads to offset costs.(optional, of course)
  • Access to a subscriber area on our website (not available to the public) where other relevant college admission documents may be downloaded by you or your students.
  • Annual Update: Each August your new edition will be emailed to you as soon as you renew.
  • Input from you: We are always working to improve our Handbook. We are open to including new sections reflecting your ideas and needs, subject to review for accuracy and relevance.Let us hear from you!
  • Price Guarantee: As long as you are a continuous subscriber, we will protect you against future price increases.Your annual subscription rate will remain the same as when you subscribed initially.

Note: The previews and samples below are NOT complete nor kept current – they are only to give you an idea of what you will receive. The actual subscriber materials are updated each summer in preparation for the upcoming school year.

Click here for a view-only version of a prior year’s 43-page College Admission Handbook (current version is 48 pages)
Click here for a preview of our private subscriber website.
Click here to preview our new MiniManuals and PowerPoints!

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