Frequently Asked Questions for Schools


For Prospective/New Subscribers

Once we receive a purchase order number, Pay Pal payment, check or valid credit card information (paper order form only), we send the handbook via email within 3-4 days unless it is during the summer. The handbook is updated all summer, so orders placed then will wait for the new edition in August/September. Other than summer, if you ordered a hard copy, it will go out via Priority Mail within 3-4 days. In addition, you will receive an email with all copyright permissions, granting you the rights to reproduce the original for your students. You also receive a customized cover in Word, which you may edit. We do our best to make a cover with your school name and logo, but we can’t always get a good logo graphic off your website. So many schools edit the cover to their own liking. Lastly, you will receive a hyperlink (website address) to our subscriber research website, where you will find categorized links on every possible admission related topic! It is the most comprehensive college research site on the internet, and is available only to our subscribers. You will also receive our electronic newsletter for your use any way you wish. It is full of up-to-date news on college admissions.

Once we receive your order form, either on-line or paper (faxed or mailed), with a valid PO#, PayPal payment, credit card information, or a check in the mail, your order will be processed within 3-4 days. The emailed handbook will arrive immediately if you provide a valid email address, and a hard copy (if ordered) will arrive shortly thereafter via Priority Mail. If there is some special circumstance making your order an extreme rush, contact us and we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs. The handbook is updated over the summer, so orders placed for the upcoming school year will be processed in August.

If multiple schools within the same district subscribe in the same year, they are all eligible for discounts as shown below. See our Districts and Consortiums page.

If multiple schools in the same District subscribe, then each school’s subscription rate goes down according to the following schedule:
  • 2-5 schools = $119 each
  • 6 or more schools = $99 each

You MUST let us know the names of the schools that are in the same district AND the name of the district. Otherwise, if each school subscribes separately and doesn’t tell us, we won’t understand that they are requesting/qualified for the discount. You must also be sure that they are subscribing or renewing this year as well.

Most schools don’t require a hard copy, as they simply print their own original from the free emailed version. For that reason, we don’t want to charge those schools more in order to cover the cost of the hard copies for others. Priority postage is about $5, and we add on a minor processing/copying fee. This way we only charge the schools that require it.

No, because releasing the handbook in Word would jeopardize our copyright. But remember, you can add your own custom pages to the appendix prior to reproducing.

As long as you subscribe on time each year (by Dec 31 each year with no gap), your price will remain only $129 per year. It won’t increase at all. The cost for the hard copy will increase to keep up with postage and copying increases.

There are several reasons for this. Most importantly, it is to ensure that each of your students receives the handbook at an appropriate time in their college admission process. It also ensures that each student receives the most current edition with the most current information. The handbook changes every year, some more than others. Also, it is the annual subscription “model” that enables us to remain in business while offering these prices. With the annual subscription concept, schools can also budget ahead each year using a known amount.

It is the annual subscription “model” that enables us to remain in business while offering these prices. With the annual subscription concept, schools can also budget ahead each year using a known amount.

The answer is “yes” and “no”. The core pages of the handbook apply to any college bound student, and are most appropriate for those intending to pursue four year colleges. Those core pages may not be altered and are not customized. But you are welcome to add your own school-specific pages to the Appendix prior to reproducing the handbook. This can include your own forms, curriculum requirements, etc.

No, we are simply not able to offer specific versions per school at these prices, nor are we staffed to do so. However, we are very open to taking suggestions from schools. If you have a request or idea, and it is verified to be accurate and appropriate by our staff, it is very likely that we will add it.

Research for the handbook is ongoing throughout the year. However, the major update is done over the summer, with the new edition being released in August. The reason for this timing is that many colleges update their websites and make their online applications available in late July or August. By timing our editions this way, we ensure that the handbook and our portals have the most current information possible.

It varies from year to year, but there are always changes. We notice that the web links become obsolete very quickly as do the statistics. We are also always incorporating suggestions from our schools. For example, when the new SAT was introduced, we completely revamped the entire standardized testing section with extra pages on the new SAT. Now that section is being revamped again, as the new SAT no longer requires quite as much detail. The NCAA changes their website constantly, as do many financial aid resources. For example, the College Cost Reduciton Act of 2007 affected the financial section. We make it our “mission” to remain absolutely current.

Absolutely! If you have a request or idea, and it is verified to be accurate and appropriate by our staff, it is very likely that we will add it. So far every edition has contained at least one suggestion that came directly from one of our subscriber schools.

The new edition is worked on all summer and is available in late August. After August, we will send it as soon as we receive your renewal order form with a check, Purchase Order, PayPal payment, or credit card information.

Yes, with PayPal or Master Card and Visa using the paper order form.

PayPal, personal checks, school checks, purchase orders and credit cards are all accepted.

At this time, the only ongoing discount is when multiple schools within the same district or consortium order “together”. The annual subscription price is then based on the number of schools in the group as follows:
  • 2-5 schools = $119 each
  • 6 or more schools = $99 each

See our Districts and Consortiums page for more information and an online order form.

Absolutely NOT! We sell only our annual subscription, only to schools, and we NEVER contact your parents or students in any way. Note also that there is no advertising on our site and we make no money on sites that we link to. We are purely a resource for schools – nothing more. We do not do test prep, independent counseling or any other side service.

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For Current Subscribers

Assuming that your subscription is current, you were emailed the new user name and password when you renewed. It is also contained inside each year’s handbook, right after the Table of Contents and also at the end. If you no longer have it, simply email us at Once we verify your subscription, we will send you the user name and password again.
NOTE: The password is case sensitive!

When you subscribe(d), we email(ed) you the handbook in Adobe .pdf format, suitable for posting on a website. If you have a website, there is almost certainly a technical person (your website administrator) who maintains it. Simply find out how to contact your website administrator and let them know that you have the handbook in Adobe .pdf format and wish to place it on your website. You will also need to tell him/her how to reference it. (for example, call the link “College Admission Handbook”) He or she will know how to do this, and we are happy to answer any questions. Most likely you will simply email the handbook to the administrator. If you have misplaced the email with the .pdf file, please email us. Once we verify that your school is an active subscriber, we will re-email you the file.

Valid subscribers can LOGIN to the resource website from our home page at   Go to our home page and click on the green LOGIN button to the right.

Unfortunately, some schools have installed “spam blockers” that attempt to block unwanted junk mail. Most likely your school is inadvertently blocking our domain. To remedy this, simply contact your school’s technical person and tell them that you WOULD like to receive email from We assure you that we only send a few emails a year, and they are only to keep you updated about special offers, new additions etc. We don’t sell anything other than our annual subscription. If this method doesn’t work, the other option is to provide us with a non-school (personal) email address to use.

We send emails and sometimes a postcard when the materials are ready – generally late August. But if your process necessitates renewing earlier or later, we will work to accommodate you. You can always find an on-line or paper renewal form on our website, so we can accommodate what works best for you. In order to maintain your same price year to year, you must always have your renewal form in by December 31. However, many want the handbook much earlier than that, so it’s up to you. We will send the handbook as soon it is ready (August) and we have received your renewal form.


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FAQs for Students and Parents (coming soon)

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