School districts and consortiums have the unique ability to bring the Get in 2 College program to all of their high schools (or any schools that have 10th, 11th, or 12th graders) for a significant discount. If you have the following number of qualified schools in your district or consortium, your pricing per school per year is:

     2-5 schools:   $119 per school per year

     6 or more schools:  $99 per school per year

Note that the optional Mini-manuals and PowerPoints are offered at an additional $89 per school per year to all districts and consortiums.

Each school within the district/consortium is still provided with a custom handbook cover with their logo (if provided to us).

To obtain the discount, the district or consortium submits one combined order with a list of all schools included, the contact person at each school (generally a counselor) with the contact names, emails, and phone numbers. We also require that the entire order be paid together, either by check, credit card, or purchase order, as we will generate one consolidated invoice.

Use the button below to order online, or email a separate list of schools and contact info to

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