Since 2002, Get in 2 College has been the premier producer of college planning, college prep, and college admission resources for schools and families. Our costs are kept significantly lower due to extensive use of technology. Our work is mostly computer and web-based, so efficiencies and low overhead enable us to bring products to you at an amazing price.

We offer a College Admission Handbook to high schools and students that is used in over 45 states throughout the country. The handbook is updated throughout the year by a staff of researchers and college admission professionals. We also publish a quarterly newsletter for students, parents and counselors. Click for a prior Sample. Next, we maintain an extensive websites for college admission resources, with web links arranged by category. (available only to our subscribers). Finally, we offer a growing set of mini-manuals by topic (20+) that also have accompanying PowerPoint presentations that you can view on-line or download.


All of these items are made available to our subscribers at low prices. Click here for a view-only sample (a prior year) Adobe .pdf version of our then 43-page (now 47 pages) College Admission Handbook for high schools.

Naviance Subscribers – Welcome! Use our materials on your Naviance portal! But you do not have to be a Naviance customer to use our materials…

Click here for view-only product samples.

Here are just some of the topics our products cover:


  • Preparing for college early – it all starts in middle school/junior high
  • Early savings plans
  • Staying healthy through it all
  • Courses to take in Middle School
  • Courses to take in High School – the truth about honors, AP, IB classes
  • Your GPA – weighted, non-weighted, etc.
  • Staying healthy through it all
  • Extracurricular activity planning
  • Employment ideas
  • Volunteer work/Community service planning
  • Making the most of summers
  • Resume development
  • Identifying and developing your “ACE”
  • Class and school ranking
  • Test schedules and prep referrals (we are not a prepping service)

  • Sending test scores DOs and DON’Ts
  • Athletic recruiting /NCAA – news for athletes
  • Students with disabilities
  • College visits and fairs
  • Transferring from a Community College
  • Thinking about majors – strategy
  • College selection and match-up – identifying schools that fit YOU
  • Connecting with your target schools
  • College rankings
  • Your potential colleges’ admit rates, average GPA and test results expected
  • Rough assessment of likelihood of admission to target schools
  • Early action vs. early decision – and all the other options!
  • Applications and the common application

  • Essays and personal statements – guidelines, format, DOs and DON’Ts, samples
  • Letters of recommendation – how to obtain strong ones – DOs and DON’Ts
  • FAFSA and other federal aid
  • Finding scholarships
  • Avoiding scams
  • Interviews – How to get them
  • Interviews – Questions often asked; mock interviews
  • Interviews – Questions you should ask
  • Once you’re accepted
  • Waitlist assistance (if needed and desired)
  • Appeals process (if needed and desired)
  • Helpful resources & links … and much more, with new material being added throughout the year.

College admission is stressful.  We can help.