**  We have retired! ** Get in 2 College is closed, but our website portal for subscribers will remain open until the end of 2018 for use by our customers. ** 


Affordable College Prep & Admission Resources

Since 2002, Get in 2 College has been the premier provide of college admission and college prep resources. Our costs are kept significantly lower due to extensive use of technology. Our work is mostly computer and web-based, so efficiencies and low overhead enable us to bring products to you at an amazing price.

We offer a College Admission Handbook that is in use in over 45 states throughout the country. The handbook is updated throughout the year by a staff of researchers and college admission professionals. We also publish an electronic newsletter for students, parents and counselors. Next, we maintain extensive websites for college admission resources, with checklists, worksheets, and web links arranged by category. (available only to our subscribers). Finally, we offer a growing set of manuals by topic (20+) that also have accompanying PowerPoint presentations that you can view on-line or download.  These drill into various admissions related subject matter in more detail than the handbook.

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