Work-Life Balance: The New Employer Reality

To maintain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing business environment, employers must attract, motivate, and retain the most highly qualified employees. To facilitate this, recruitment efforts have begun to stress the work-life aspect of the company’s culture. Consequently, well designed employee benefit programs are expanding their suite of work-life options.

What is Work-Life?

Work-life is a culture designed to make the workplace more supportive of employees’ personal lives and needs. A successful work-life culture enables employees to focus on work when they’re at work, and a work-life benefit program is the tool used to achieve that. It’s about being family friendly.

Preparing Families for College: The Newest Work-Life Benefit

Studies have shown that as many as three-fourths of job seekers place work-life balance at the top of their list of important job factors. Responding to that requirement, the next logical wave of assistance has emerged: helping families prepare for their children’s higher education. Aside from medical insurance, it’s hard to imagine anything more important or useful.

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College Preparation: A Twenty Year Process

86528401Planning and preparing for college should begin as soon as a child is born, though it seldom does. With rising costs and competitiveness among colleges, the challenges have become daunting. More and more, these challenges represent stress and distraction in the workplace. In addition, parents are often spending thousands of dollars on independent college admission counseling for their kids. Addressing that reality, Get in 2 College provides an affordable and efficient means to assist employees with college planning issues in the most convenient way possible.

The program guides employees and their families through the 20-year labyrinth of savings plans, school selection, effective study habits, bringing out the child’s best efforts, identifying learning challenges, nurturing reading skills, curriculum advice, honing in on special talents and interests, finding the child’s true interest, college search and selection, advice for athletes, determining the best college match, community colleges, transferring, timelines and time management, standardized testing, resumes, applying, essays, tips for improving admission odds, being a supportive parent, paying for college, financial aid, heading off to school, and so much more…

Reaping the Rewards of Work-Life Best Practices

The payoff obtained through work-life benefit programs such as Get in 2 College is now substantiated by countless research studies, both scientific and academic. Family-friendly employers are realizing gains in the form of reduced turnover, increased productivity and employee satisfaction. Respect for employees’ personal lives has proven to be a top driver of loyalty. In addition, the employees of family-friendly companies tend to be engaged in the business. This type of employee commitment translates directly to the bottom line, in addition to other qualitative payoffs. Conversely, unaddressed employee work-life conflicts, such as the demands of college admission, will cost the company in a big way. The best companies to work for recognized this a long time ago, and others are rapidly following suit.

How do you increase the level of employee engagement at your company? It’s simple. Assist them in balancing workplace and personal responsibilities. Be flexible and innovative in your approach. That’s where we come in.

A Work-Life Benefit for Today’s Employee

The Get in 2 College program is a benefit provided to employees and their relatives, and will serve parents and students from the time a child is born through and including sending them off to college. The program is web-based and may be accessed 24/7 from any internet connection. Upon registering, an employee or family member is given access to a state-of-the-art resource that provides guidance in all the areas mentioned above. Specifically they receive:

  • Personalized and secured website for employees and their relatives
  • Downloadable handbooks for parents and students in various grades
  • Downloadable worksheets, checklists, calendars, manuals

There is simply no employee work-life benefit that will serve so many employees for so many of their working years.


Program Cost

You would expect a program as broad and versatile as Get in 2 College to be high compared to other employee benefits but, surprisingly, that’s not the case. Get in 2 College is priced from $6-$12 per employee per year depending on company size. This is significantly less than most Wellness and EAP programs.

  • Less than 500 active employees (Ees) $12 per Ee per Year
  • 500 – 2499 active employees $10 per Ee per Year
  • 2500 – 4999 active employees $6 per Ee per Year
  • 5000 or more active employees Contact Us for Quote

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